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We are always advised to eat nutritious food, preferably, home-cooked food instead of packed food or eating out. But are all the things in our home kitchens healthy? The answer is No. There are some ingredients in our kitchens too - that act as silent killers or in other words are very harmful to our health. 


Sugar in its concentrated form is poisonous because it causes swelling in the joints, liver, and brain. If you have an injury or a chronic illness, sugar will impede your body's healing. Sugar provides energy to cancer cells and all infectious diseases. It also inhibits the absorption of nutrients, particularly all minerals. 

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Research has proven that all purpose flour is very harmful to the body. Frequent consumption of foods which include refined flour leads to weight gain. Not only this, flour also increases cholesterol levels and boosts blood triglycerides. Refined flour is acidic because the fibre and protein from it are reduced drastically during its preparation. Flour weakens the bones because calcium is absorbed by the flour.


Excessive consumption of salt is extremely harmful to your heart health. A study conducted by the WHO has revealed that an increase in incidence of strokes was observed in people who consume too much salt. According to the WHO report, approximately 11 million people die annually from poor food, of which three million of these die because of excessive salt consumption. 


People who love fast food or oily snacks are more likely to suffer from diabetes along with obesity. Apart from this, the amount of fat in the body increases due to consumption of excessive oil. Incidents of abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea and vomiting may also occur. Consuming oily foods increases the risk of a heart attack as it increases blood pressure and cholesterol in the body. 

These are ingredients which have always had a pride of place in most kitchens. Since more and more studies indicate that consumption of these foods is bad for health, we must make a conscious change towards a healthier lifestyle or else be prepared to cough up hefty medical bills in future.

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