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With winter around the corner, it’s time to put out those woollens in the sun. It is also time to start taking care of your health as the changing weather usually brings with it common cold, cough, and occasionally mild fever. But adding a few food items in your grocery list will ensure that you don’t fall sick this winter. These food items will boost your body’s immunity levels and help you stay fit. 

1. Ghee 

Many people avoid ghee or clarified butter to cut calories, but doing so may weaken their immune systems, particularly in the winter. Ghee, now counted among superfoods, is a great source of vitamins A, D, E, and K, all of which boost immunity. It also enhances the flavour of the dish. Furthermore, Ghee has long been a favourite in Ayurvedic medicine because of its antioxidant and antiviral capabilities.

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2. Jaggery

Substituting jaggery for sugar is a fantastic step towards leading a healthy lifestyle. The latter is more nutrient-dense than the former and is high in zinc, which increases our immunity and aids in the treatment of respiratory conditions.

3. Ginger Tea

Ginger is a wonder spice that can be consumed fresh, dried, or even in powder form. It enhances immunity and is anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants. The simplest strategy to maintain your health this winter, maybe to brew a hot cup of ginger tea daily.

4. Almonds

Rich in zinc and a fantastic source of vitamin E, almonds can improve the gastrointestinal tract's health and immunity. And a stronger gut translates into a stronger immune system. If you're feeling peckish between meals, munch on almonds rather than unhealthy snacks.

5. Spinach 

This leafy green vegetable, also known as palak (in Hindi), is a great addition to your wintertime diet. Packed with vitamin C, beta carotene and several antioxidants, spinach boosts your immunity, aids weight loss, and improves health in multiple ways.

So wait no longer. To stay fit this winter, stock up your kitchen with these items and know that you and your family will be safe.  

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