Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • More often employees from the IT field or even from the health sector have to do night shifts.
  • Since avoiding the night shift is not possible, ensure that you make up for the lack of sleep during the daytime.

Night shifts have now become very common. More often employees from the IT field or even from the health sector have to do night shifts as per the demands of their jobs. However, the biological clock of the human system needs to shut down at night so that it can wake up fresh in the morning. So how to take care of your health when you have a night shift job?

Introduce time management strategy

Although night is the time when you are on duty, it is still possible to manage your time properly during the other day and evening hours. You can create a proper schedule so that you get that much-needed sleep, exercise , and do all the important tasks that are necessary for a healthy body and mind.

Get help from your household

Doing a night shift regularly is very tough. To ensure that your household runs on a proper schedule and also your health does not deteriorate you can get help from your family members. Make a timetable for each one of your family members and decide how they can contribute to cleaning the house, making meals, or keeping the refrigerator stocked.

Good sleep hygiene

You must ensure that you get adequate sleep so that your health is not compromised. Since you will have to catch up with the sleep during the daytime when everyone is working there is bound to be noise and clutter around. So you will have to create a conducive environment in your home during the daytime so that you can get undisturbed sleep.

Keep a watch on what you eat

Acidity and indigestion are common problems that people who work night shifts mostly face. These can further put your metabolism at risk leading to obesity and other issues linked with it. So you should keep a watch on what you eat during the night work break. Avoid eating oily or junk food and instead opt for healthier choices like high-protein energy bars, whole fruit, and so on.

Drink an adequate amount of water

Along with healthy eating, it is also important to keep yourself hydrated so that you are alert and energized during the night. Drinking fruit juices and sugary sodas can spike your blood sugar levels. Instead, keep the body temperature regulated by drinking plain water at regular intervals.