• Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Five genuine character traits of a Virgo man

Often, denoted by a virgin maiden insignia the common traits of people bearing this zodiac sign are also pure, reliable and blessed with loyalty.

Anirbaan Hritiq
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Virgo manPhotoPhoto: OTV

Character traits of a Virgo man

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Being governed by the planet Mercury, men with this zodiac are observant, intelligent and justice-loving by nature. They are blessed with a hint of wittiness in their personality, and often rely on sarcasm to counter their opponents.

Virgo comes in the sixth position in the zodiac series of twelve-star signs bearing a balanced approach in all spheres of activities. Often, denoted by a virgin maiden insignia the common traits of people bearing this zodiac sign are also pure, reliable and blessed with loyalty.

Here are Five Genuine Character Traits of Men Bearing this unique Zodiac Sign:

1. Modest: They are extremely modest in nature and don’t like taking credit for their work. Virgo is an earth element and all the nourishing qualities of the planet are present in people bearing this sign. They believe in simplicity, work ethics, and taking responsibility without bragging about it.

2. Hardworking: Yes, Mercurians are truly hardworking and balanced. Their sheer determination to achieve anything makes them different from others. They always prefer taking the straight path, rather than shortcuts to success. For example, King of Pop Michael Jackson belonged to the clan of Virgos and his journey of life was truly inspirational worldwide.

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3. Want to Please All: Virgo men are those who want to remain in the good books of everyone, and in the hunt of which they end up being favourites of none. This emerges as an inherent quality, often taken negatively by others. But the idea is not to please everyone but to keep them happy.

4. Perfectionists: Being a Virgo implies being a purist. No matter what they do from minor tasks to gigantic duties, men with this zodiac do it efficiently without errors. This trait sometimes emerges as a negative sign as in the pursuit of perfection they can go up to any extent. Even at the cost of their mental peace and personal life. Indian celebrity, Akshaya Kumar is a Virgo as well.

5. Sensitive: Sensitivity comes in handy with Virgo men. They are easily hurt over trivial matters and are difficult to convince after an emotional breakdown. Being purists, they are easily cheated, deceived and tricked by others. Virgos’ area of sensitivity lies in their most positive qualities. It is wisely said, be good but not too good!

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The information mentioned above is taken from the general character traits of men with the Virgo zodiac sign. However, the results may vary from person to person.