Anirbaan Hritiq

Being the first of all zodiacs in the list, Aries people tend to be the first in every round of competition. Men with this zodiac sign are often very aggressive and try to turn tables in a manly manner, in layman’s terms through hustle and power struggle.

If you have ever observed a ram charging its enemies on being threatened, that is how exactly Aries men also use their headstrong nature to dominate their opponents.

People with this sign are born to rule, being governed by planet Mars there is a fierce touch to their personality which makes them appear cold sometimes to others.

Here are five major characteristics of an Aries man:

1. Short-tempered: Aries men are perfectionists and desire to mend everything in their way, even by over-aggression. They cannot tolerate even a mild error in their work or the environment surrounding them. If they encounter any irregularities, you are sure to face their wrath.

2. Confident: Being ruled by the planet Mars, Aries men are born to dominate and take charge of any situation without even thinking twice. They are naturally free-thinkers, independent-minded and carefree by nature, who don’t like to be suppressed. Men with this zodiac are well suited in professions like police officials, teachers, lawyers, politics, etc.

3. Bossy: If an Aries man is around, you will feel his heat. Their strong personality and commanding behaviour reflect in day-to-day activities. Just like a ram defines its territory, Aries men also love to enjoy the privileges of territorial possession. This bossy nature also reflects in their romantic relationships.

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4. Unpredictable: They are highly unpredictable due to their fluctuating nature; sometimes they can be extremely kind while in the next moment extremely cold. This unpredictability sometimes affects their personal as well as professional life.

5. Self-concentrated: Yes, they can sometimes be self-concentrated as well due to their highly ambitious temperament. But, this self-concentration is an indication of their positive and progressive nature. Aries men don’t like to settle for anything less than they deserve, it may appear a bit rude to people related to them sometimes but this is how they are!

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The information mentioned above is taken from the general character traits of men with Aries zodiac sign. However, the results may vary from person to person.