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Just because Elon Musk lost a substantive 9 kgs through intermittent fasting it doesn’t mean that it will work just as effectively for you. Understand why intermittent fasting is not good for everyone even though it appears to be the latest fad.

Intermittent fasting means alternating between eating and fasting times. The typical eating window is between 6 and 8 hours, and the fasting window is between 16 and 14 hours. A person who follows the diet trend must consume all of their daily calories within the meal window and fast the remainder of the time. Intermittent fasting can also assist in lowering cholesterol but increasing blood sugar levels, and lengthening life.

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1. Depending on each person's health and characteristics such as age, gender, underlying medical conditions, lifestyle, and overall health and well-being, intermittent fasting may be safe or provide challenges. Remember that you should speak with a doctor or other health expert before making any significant dietary changes.

2. Research indicates that Intermittent fasting is not significantly superior to calorie restriction. Long durations of fasting can be quite challenging for many people, which can lead them to overeat after the fast is finished. Therefore, if your objective is to lose weight, it might not be worth it if you end up eating more calories during your eating window. 

3. Due to actual risks and health dangers, some people should not attempt intermittent fasting, especially without first consulting their doctor. These persons include those who have diabetes, are taking medicine for high blood pressure or heart disease, are pregnant, or nursing moms. People who are underweight or have blood sugar problems may also be at risk. So, think twice about fasting and speak to a doctor before making dietary changes.

4. Intermittent fasting demands you to reduce your food intake for extended periods of time, which can make your body more sensitive to insulin over time. Insulin sensitivity is a positive thing since it means your cells can use the energy from the food you eat more efficiently, resulting in lower blood sugar levels. However, for certain people, low blood sugar and hunger entail increased stress on the body. Long durations of fasting might harm your hormones and fertility since they cause low blood sugar and stress on the body. 

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There is no question that intermittent fasting aids in weight loss and enhances health, but not everyone experiences the same results. Keep in mind that every person differs. So pay attention to your body and follow your own rules.