Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov said that Russian troops continue to shell the city and have begun to blow up power substations.

Terekhov said on Ukrainian TV channels that the shelling of Kharkiv continues. More than 87 houses have been damaged. There are people who were trapped. Now we are eliminating these blockages.

"The invaders have begun to blow up the substations that supply us with electricity. Some districts of Kharkiv are already disconnected from electricity, and, accordingly, there are problems with water and heat supply. That is why I can tell you that what happened, and is happening in Kharkiv today is genocide. Not an operation but a war to destroy the people... This is a crime against the whole world," Terekhov said, Ukrainska Pravda reported.

The mayor mentioned that public utilities are rebuilding the city's systems after the destruction. Curfew is on and in the afternoon, volunteers deliver food and water.

Terekhov noted that Russian troops are constantly trying to break into the city, sabotage groups are working, but "Kharkiv is holding on. Kharkiv will win".

Earlier, head of the Kharkiv Region Military Administration Oleg Synehubov said, "What is happening in Kharkiv is an utter war crime! It's genocide of the Ukrainian people," Ukrainska Pravda reported.

He added, "Tens of peaceful civilians are dying. This is happening during daytime, when people have gone outside to get medication, food and drinking water. It's a crime. Russia is using heavy artillery weapons."

According to the Regional Military Administration, the Russian invaders are shelling residential areas of Kharkiv, where there is no strategic or military infrastructure that could be targeted by armed forces.

Shelling is currently ongoing in the neighbourhoods. As a result, local authorities are unable to provide emergency services and eliminate the consequences of shelling on time, the report said.

According to Synehubov, 11 civilians have been killed and tens wounded.

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