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Are you planning to tie the knot soon? It is important for you and your partner to get necessary health checkups before marriage. Indian families and couples place a great deal of importance on getting our horoscopes matched for a marriage alliance, but the health aspect is often overlooked in a marriage.

In order to have a happy marriage, partners should consider getting a few tests done before marriage. This will allow both individuals to be in the best physical and mental health when tying the knot. It will also prevent a sense of betrayal or feeling cheated later on, when pre-existing medical conditions are discovered by a partner. 

1. HIV Test

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) causes AIDS, which weakened the body's capability to resist infections. In order to avoid contracting AIDS, couples should take a test of their immune system before getting married.

2. Fertility Test

The obvious next step in a marriage is to have children. Therefore, it is a good idea for couples to get a fertility test. This includes both partners, the man and the woman. This can be skipped if you and your partner do not intend to have children or biological children.

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3. STD Test

The importance of testing for sexually transmitted diseases or STDs cannot be overstated. It is vital for marriage and for the health of the partner as well.

4. Genetic Test

Diabetes, heart disease, and any other ailments can be traced back to family history. It's good to find out if one has inherited any of these diseases or is prone to inherit them. It is equally important when trying to conceive.

5. Blood Group Compatibility And Thalassemia Test

The Rh factor of both partners needs to be checked and in case of incompatibility, medical advice should be sought. Birth defects in children or pregnancy complications can result if blood groups are not compatible or if one partner is Thalassemic.

6. Mental Health Status

Having knowledge of mental health problems is essential because they can have a negative effect on a marriage and even affect the child.

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