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  • Certain foods should never be paired with milk as they affect the calcium absorption process of the body.
  • Here are a few foods that should never be paired with milk.

Eating cookies and biscuits with a glass of milk is a common scenario in every household, especially in the early morning hours. But should you eat these foods with milk? Are you killing the nutrition in the milk by pairing it with the wrong foods?

Here is an insight into what foods you must avoid pairing with milk so that your nutrition intake is not compromised:

Avoid Eating Processed Meats With Cow’s Milk

Processed and high-fat meats like sausages and bacon should not be paired with cow’s milk as they can lead to inflammation. In general, the combination of milk and proteins is considered very bad as it leads to bloating and weight gain. A combination of milk and high-protein foods can make you feel lethargic as it affects your digestion.

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Of course, youngsters who want to build muscles should eat a high amount of protein but combining two types of protein-rich foods like meat and milk or fish and milk can be very bad for health.

Never Pair Milk With Citrus Fruits

Milk should not be paired with citrus-based fruits that are rich in vitamin C. These fruits are acidic and hence interfere with calcium absorption. Milkshakes prepared by adding fruit are one of the most common drinks that are consumed on regular basis.

However, health experts believe that fruits should not be paired with milk because milk is an animal protein and hence when combined with certain fruits, it lead to acidity and digestive issues.

Mixing banana and milk can cause cough and cold. However, fruits with buttery and sweet qualities like figs, dates, mangoes, and avocadoes can be safely consumed with milk.

Precautions For Using Plant Based Milk

While consuming plant-based milk such as Soy milk or almond milk, you must check the label to avoid added preservatives and sugars in your diet. Also since plant-based milk is rich in oxalates it should never be paired with beet greens or spinach as it can interfere with the calcium absorption process.

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