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  • Juices and jams are very tasty and a regular part of the breakfast table of many households.
  • Here's why you should replace them with whole fruits.

Juices and jams are the most favourite foods on the breakfast table. Be it the movies or regular, affluent houses, you get to see a big pitcher filled with juice and jam, and bread.

However, very rarely do you get to see the lead actors eating fruits during breakfast or dinner. That sort of encourages the young generation to believe that juices and jams are better options than fruits.

Although they can be the tastier options with loads of sugar added to them, they certainly are not good for health.

To top it all, the beverage and confectionary industries keep on hammering on young minds that their juices, pulps, fruit powders, and jams are full of vitamins and nutrients.

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While all the products extracted from fruits and vegetables carry their goodness, most of the vitamins and nutrients are killed due to the addition of preservatives, fortification, and processing.

More than that, these products also have added sugar and chemicals so that their taste is not compromised and they remain in concentrated forms for a long time.

As a result, such juices can spike blood sugar levels and thus are unhealthy for the overall well-being of human health.

Eating Whole Fruit is the Best Option

The nutrients in raw or whole fruit are intact and in natural form. That is why when eaten, every bite gives you vitamins and nutrients that are so essential for good health.

Raw fruits are loaded with fiber which should be a major portion of our everyday diet . Be it an apple or pineapple, the fiber in these fruits helps promote regular bowel movements and keep you full for a longer time.

Eating fruits is also good for oral health as you need to chew them for a longer time. They are devoid of any preservatives and hence are digested easily.

Despite being sweet in taste fruits like apples or cherries do not spike blood sugar levels and hence when eaten in moderation can help to keep those cravings for sweets at bay.

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