Poonam Singh

Chicken Bhuna Masala is one of the most popular Indian chicken dishes. Boneless chicken pieces are smeared in tomato-based gravy and cooked in the fresh fragrance of ginger, garlic, and Bhuna masala.

Ingredients For Chicken Bhuna Masala

  1. 1 kg Chicken 
  2. 5 tbsp Oil
  3. 1 Inch Cinnamon Stick
  4. 1 Black Cardamom
  5. 5 Green Cardamoms 
  6. 10 Peppercorns
  7. 10 Cloves
  8. 1 ½ inch Ginger (chopped)
  9. 6 Garlic Cloves (chopped)
  10. 5 Green Chillies (chopped)
  11. 7 Onions (chopped)
  12. 5 Tomatoes (chopped) 
  13. 2 tbsp Red Chilli Powder
  14. ½ tsp Turmeric Powder
  15. 2 tbsp Coriander Seed Powder
  16. 1 tsp  Garam Masala Powder
  17. 1 cup Yogurt (beaten)
  18. ¼ cup Coriander Leaves (chopped)
  19. Dried Fenugreek Leaves
  20. Salt

Chicken Bhuna Masala Prepartaion Method

  • First heat oil in a Pan then add Cinnamon Stick, Black Cardamom, Green Cardamoms, Peppercorns, and Cloves sauté it for few seconds. Now add Ginger (chopped), Garlic Cloves (chopped) and Green Chillies (chopped).
  • Next, sauté this for a minute on a high flame, then add onion (chopped) and Salt. Now mix it all together and sauté till the onion turn brown.
  • Next, add Tomatoes (chopped), Red chilli Powder, Turmeric powder and Coriander Seed Powder then sauté it for a minute.
  • Now add the Chicken and sauté this for five minutes on a high flame, then add Garam Masala Powder and Yogurt (beaten). Again sauté it for 5 minutes on a low flame, then add Coriander Leaves (chopped) on top.
  • Next, cover it and let it cook for 15-20 minutes on a low flame. After 20 minutes remove it in a serving bowl then garnish it with Dried Fenugreek Leaves and your Chicken Bhuna Masala is ready to serve.