Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • The world and its working have become completely dependent on computers.
  • That is why computer literacy is so important in today's times.

World Computer Literacy Day was first celebrated on December 2, 2001, to promote digital learning and also increase awareness about digitalisation and mainly about the use of computers.

Undoubtedly, the introduction of computers and information technology in our lives has changed the way we live and earn. Be it financial transactions studying, shopping, or even working online, the IT sector offers many advantages and privileges that were unheard of decades earlier.

The world and its working have become completely dependent on computers since they are the most reliable machines that perform the day-to-day tasks of everyday lives with ease. Naturally, it has become important for everyone to learn computers.

Why is celebrating World Computer Literacy Day every year so important?

But despite multiple measures by the government there still is a section of the society that is deprived of computer literacy. And that is why celebrating World Computer Literacy Day every year is so important. Children of this century are learning computers in school and hence are well aware of how to use them and the Internet.

But those who are now old or are above 60 and never had a chance to work with computers require proper training so that they can handle their online transactions, shopping, and completing other tasks easily without taking anyone’s help. With most of the government and private work getting done online, people who cannot use computers can get stuck and have to rely on other people to complete their tasks.

With 100% computer literacy things will become simpler and easier for elders and those from the rural areas who struggle to get even their small official work done within the stipulated time. It will also help India progress with more speed as everyone in the country will be equipped with basic internet and computer knowledge.