Rashmi Rekha Das

Ravenshaw Higher Secondary School student Adyasha Priyadarshini, who is one of the contestants of College Queen programme, has hogged headlines for good reasons.

She recently organised a cleanliness awareness drive at the Ravenshaw campus to do her bit for society. 

She said, “I am one of the top finalists of College Queen which is being aired on Tarang Plus channel. Being a queen, I have some responsibility towards society. I always wanted to do something for the betterment of our society. That’s why I thought of organising Cleanliness Awareness drive.”  

She continues: “I would like to convey a message through this drive. Brushing teeth twice a day and washing hands before eating are not all about cleanliness. Keeping our surroundings dirt-free is cleanliness.  The main reason behind rising cases of dengue and malaria is untidy surroundings.  People throw garbage on road despite knowing disadvantages of doing it.”

Corona had devastated the whole world and it made us learn many things. I made people understand this fact. If we do not focus on cleanliness from now, it may lead to outbreak of diseases like corona. We should always do our bit for society.”
Apart from friends, Adyasha invited a few aunties to participate in the cleanliness drive organised inside the Ravenshaw campus. She has decided to keep organising such events for the wellbeing of human society.