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  • Katrina Kaif has millions of followers on Instagram who wait for her updates and posts.
  • Surprisingly, there has been no post from Kats for the last few weeks.
  • It has made her fans anxious.

Katrina Kaif shared her last post on January 26 2024 in which Vicky Kaushal can be seen unfurling the Indian flag. It has been three weeks since then but there is no post from Kats which has surprised her fans. A few are worrying and some are just anxious to know the reason for Katrina Kaif’s absence on the leading social media platform.


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Some fans are concerned but a few have said that is how she has been since her marriage, especially after the Corona pandemic. A fan pointed out that she usually is active during the release and promotion of her movies but otherwise, she is nowhere on social media or even at the public event. And the fans even have a reason for it.

A user pointed out, “We also need to understand that she's no longer a young 20-year-old starlet who wants to be everywhere. She's mature, married, has proven herself, and probably just wants an easier life now. It's pretty normal to start disappearing for days from media at this point.”

Of course, there were a few who said that she might be pregnant and a whole lot of her fans say that they might eventually adopt a kid. Now all that is for the gossip mill but one thing is quite clear Katrina Kaif has been missing from the limelight these past few weeks which is indeed very surprising.

Where is Katrina?Reddit screengrab

She has been spotted at airports on very few occasions but her die-hard fans who always wait for her posts and updates on the latest happenings in her life seem to be upset as well as concerned. Coincidentally, Katrina Kaif does not have any line-up of movies announced as of now. Although Jee Le Zaraa with Alia Bhatt and Priyanka Chopra Jonas was announced more than a year ago, its director Farhan Akhtar has now put it on hold due to unknown reasons.

So is the Tiger 3 actress taking a sabbatical or is simply being choosey about her appearances, posts, and movies? Fans definitely would like to know!