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  • Vidya Balan has always candidly opened up about fighting weight issues and getting body-shamed .
  • Recently she recalled getting bullied at an award function.

Vidya Balan is currently in the news for her drastic transformation that was so evident when she attended the screening of Chandu Champion recently. The Dirty Picture actress looked lean and fit, much slimmer than she used to be. It is quite obvious that the actress has lost a lot of weight. She recently even opened up about her journey towards fitness and how she believes in a ‘no raw food’ diet.

Vidya Balan has always candidly opened up about fighting weight issues and getting body-shamed both by the Bollywood industry and from the outsiders. She was a complete newbie to the B-town world when she entered the industry and did not have much sense about designer dresses and putting her best and most glamorous foot forward.

But she never expected to be bullied about it publicly at a major award function for that reason by someone like Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan . Narrating the incident during a podcast, Vidya Balan said, “I was given a Nariyal award for my costumes in Hey Baby and when I went up the stage and shared the award with the costume designer … No when they told me that there was going to be a Nariyal award I said why me, you know. My clothes are not just my choice. And at that point more than ever I think I was too new to have an opinion on anything.”

The actress continued, “Honestly when they said that we are just doing this fun segment and we are giving this award. So I said fine but I will share with the costume designer and the director. And I was told that you mustn’t do that. And that I think is not nice." Vidya said that she is a sport and if someone feels that her clothes are not good and wants to give her the Nariyal award it is okay.

But when she reached the award function she found out that the name of another actor who was also on the list for the same award had been canceled. That is when Vidya said that she did not want to take that award. And if she takes the award she will mention the names of the costume designer and the director. However, those who were managing the events said no to it. Even then, the actress did mention their names which did get her into trouble later on.

Vidya revealed, “That night I was shattered. I was shattered because I was very alone. I realized that ..ya it makes a difference when you don’t come from a film family. Because no one outside you is looking for you. Undoubtedly it was (bullying) for me. It was it was. And I think it was not nice because you can’t protect certain people and because I just don’t come with that shield. When I realized that I was the only one getting I no longer thought it was funny.”

Vidya Balan talking about feeling shattered and bullied at Filmfare Awards
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Incidentally, the award function she is talking about is Filmfare and was hosted by none other than Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan who handed her the Nariyal Award. The video clip shows uncomfortable Vidya Balan receiving it feeling all alone.

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