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  • There was a time when big celebrities promoted fairness brands and products.
  • Abhay Deol slammed them badly for promoting brands that supported inequality based on skin colour.

Abhay Deol may not have done many movies but a few that he did left the audience impressed. Be it Dev D, Aisha, or Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, this cousin of Sunny and Bobby Deol has always been appreciated for his versatility and different choices as an actor. Apart from that he has also been quite bold and at times savage when it comes to slamming big celebrities who were endorsing brands that promoted a very wrong notion in society.

For ages, the Indians as well as people the world over have been obsessed with fair skin which has resulted in most of the cosmetic brands coming up with their kind of fairness creams. However, such a thought also promotes inequality among the people as many people with dark skin can get complex and insecure. Despite obsessing and promoting fair skin being immoral, many celebrities have over the years promoted leading fairness brands, and that too with huge success.

Abhay Deol was one of the first few male actors who slammed big celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Shah Rukh Khan, Vidya Balan, Ileana D’Cruz, and John Abraham for supporting and promoting skin fairness brands. While the Shah Rukh Khan commercial promotes ‘mardon wali cream’ that makes men look fairer, the Deepika Padukone ad talks about a 2-in-1 fairness cream in which the Om Shanti Om actress is not only looking fair (not her real skin tone) but even her eyes are looking lighter.

After a major uproar by the feminist groups regarding biasedness over skin complexion now most of the A-listed brands are promoting the same product using words like bright or glowing skin. Celebrities have been known to promote many brands that are unhealthy or irrelevant. For example, Akshay Kumar promoted pan masala products but talked about health and discipline, and Alia Bhatt/Anushka Sharma promptly denied eating sugar but promoted ice-cream and chocolate brands.

When Abhay Deol Dissed Bollywood Celebs For Blindly Promoting Fairness Creams!
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However, in the industry where money matters the most, there are a few celebrities like Abhay Deol or Kangana Ranaut who will think twice before promoting a product that can cause social imbalance or are unhealthy for both mental and physical health.