Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Bollywood singer KK appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show a few months ago along with Palash Sen.
  • On the show, Palash revealed how KK indirectly contributed to making his career successful.

The sudden death of Bollywood singer KK has left his fans shocked. Importantly, the way he died has left everyone confused and disturbed as death has once again proved that it is the ultimate truth.

A couple of months ago KK was invited to The Kapil Sharma Show along with other two famous singers Shaan and Palash Sen. As usual there were a lot of laughter, jokes, and masti and in between the singers also revealed some interesting things about their lives.

KK whose real name was Krishna Kumar and hailed from Delhi shared that he had met his wife Jyoti when both of them were in the sixth standard and their marriage has worked out really well. KK revealed that he was not settled when he married Jyoti and took up an odd job for three months just to marry his childhood sweetheart.

Palash Sen who is also a doctor and a singer by profession is also from Delhi and shared how he started getting recognition as a good singer due to KK.

The Yaaron Dosti singer was surprised and had no inkling about what Palash was talking about. The Euphoria singer replied that KK was renowned in Delhi before he decided to shift to Mumbai for a career in Bollywood. So when KK went to Mumbai, the local advertising agencies and clubs started looking for a new singer with good potential and that is how Palash started getting the assignments of singing jingles for advertisements and at various clubs and functions.

So in a way according to Palash, KK’s decision proved to be a turning point for his career which took momentum because a void was created for a good singer after KK left for Mumbai.