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News Highlights

  • Nora Fatehi's recent dance inspired by Tyla's water choreography has upset the social media users.
  • Many believe that such dances should not be aired on National Television.

There is no doubt that Nora Fatehi is a fabulous dancer. In the last few years, this Moroccan-Canadian dancer has emerged as one of the best dancers in Bollywood and hence is also a hot favourite on dance reality shows.

Although she has not received any breakthrough role in the movie, her item songs like Saki Saki, and Dilbar Dilbar became a rage when they were released.

Bollywood fans have loved Nora Fatehi’s Western dancing and have always appreciated her for her elegance and grace. However, recently when she was found acing the “shake it off” dancing style that is inspired by water moves of Tyla, fans got upset.

Nora danced on the Dance Plus Pro platform which is a family dance reality show and this particular dancing style is supposed to be for the adults.

The currently viral video shows the Hai Garmi actress shaking off the water on her booty on the beats as she keeps on pouring it holding a bottle. Later on, she turns around and does the same trick with her waist.

Even the main judge of the show Remo D’Souza who has choreographed so many hit numbers for Bollywood movies and even directed a few flicks was left shocked by the way Nora Fatehi was shaking her booty.

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Even the dance masters Shakti Mohan and Punit Pathak were surprised and held their breaths for a few seconds when they saw Nora’s shake-it-off performance.

While later on everyone on the show clapped, social media users seemed to be displeased with this act. Many users asked, “Is it not shameful?” whereas a few users called it outright cheap and vulgar.

And then there are a few users who hailed the performance of Nora Fatehi calling it sexy and beautiful however did say that it should not have been telecast on National Television as many aspiring young dancers who are not even in their teens happen to watch this show.