Mrunal Manmay Dash

Actress Sara Ali Khan is recognized for her cool behaviour, exceptional talent and versatility in the film industry apart from her paparazzi-friendly conduct.

However, in a recent turn of events at the Mumbai airport, Sara was seen getting upset at a fan for inadvertently brushing against her.

As per an E-Times report, Sara recently arrived at Mumbai airport and when she was walking out, an over-enthusiast fan who tried to click selfie with her got collided with the actress.

A visibly upset Sara schooled the fan. “Mat kijiye aisa, achha nahi lagta,” said the actress without completely losing her cool.

As far as her works are concerned, Sara will be next seen in ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’ alongside Emraan Hashmi. This Karan Johar flick will hit the theatres on March 21.

The movie garnered attention due to her portrayal of Usha Mehta, an iconic freedom fighter and radio broadcaster during the Quit India Movement of 1942. Usha Mehta played a significant role in India’s struggle for independence during the 1940s.

The unique connection between Sara Ali Khan and Usha Mehta in the film highlights the transcendence of time and showcases the versatility of Sara Ali Khan as an actress. This portrayal further solidifies her position as a true virtuoso in Bollywood, capable of taking on diverse and challenging roles.