Poonam Singh

A light-hearted moment was witnessed at an event recently when an attempt was made by actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu to touch filmmaker Karan Johar's feet on stage

To which Karan jokingly yelled 'no-no' and prevented her from doing so, leading to a humorous banter with actor Varun Dhawan, who had accompanied her to the stage for their upcoming show Citadel: Honey Bunny. 

Varun quipped that everyone should touch Karan's feet, to which Karan responded by humorously refusing, mentioning his aversion to ageing. 

After Karan told Samantha not to touch his feet, Varun said, "I feel everyone should touch Karan's feet." To which Karan said, "I don't want to be aged here, please. I am finally over my midlife crisis. I don't want you to put me in my place, please."

Varun then said, "I don't think you all realise how old Karan is because he does a great job with his dermatologist." Karan responded by saying, “There are lots of people who have done jobs on their faces, I am not one of them.”

The banter continued with Varun teasing Karan about his age and Karan playfully deflecting the remarks.

The event also saw the unveiling of Prime Video's line-up of 40 original titles, including the brand new show, Samantha and Varun's Citadel: Honey Bunny, along with 29 licensed movies in various languages.