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News Highlights

  • A German director Michele has worked with many leading Indian celebrities from Bollywood.
  • She recently threw light on her experience of working with Salman, Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt.

Salman Khan has a massive fan following and has worked in some of the big blockbusters in Bollywood. However, when it comes to professionalism, he is infamous for coming very late to the sets for work. Not only does he come late on the sets, but there have been reports that he many times comes unprepared and forgets his lines thus irritating his co-stars.

A German director, Michele who has lived in India for the last 10 years recently during an interview revealed her experience of working with Salman Khan, and also how she finds Delhi pretty much unsafe for girls.

Salman keeps people waiting for hours, SRK is super polite

Michele who is also an actor and a co-founder of a studio specialising in experimental films and theater said, “I have worked with a lot of celebrities including those whose professionality is questionable like that of Salman Khan . Makes us wait for 7 hours on sets easily. Like now we know, so now whenever we shoot with him we bring our work to set because we know we’ll just be sitting there all day. And probably would not do any work because who knows when he will show up. “

Michele even said that she is not supposed to say this because it is bad for business. However, her experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan is pretty good. Michele said, “I worked with Shah Rukh Khan. I actually directed Shah Rukh Khan. That was really nice, he was very polite.” At that time SRK was already a senior actor whereas Michele was a rookie (just 3 to 4 years into her profession). Michele said that Shah Rukh is very well-spoken and super polite and his English is super polished.

She also directed Alia Bhatt for an ad and the teaser of her movie Raazi and found her chilled, super cool, easy, and professional.

Delhi is unsafe, Mumbai is very safe

According to Michele, Delhi is not safe although Mumbai is pretty safe. She said that everything from rape to groping is possible on the streets of Delhi depending on the time and place. Michele herself had some negative experiences which she still cannot get out of her mind. Of course, more than the negative experiences she had some fabulous positive experiences living in India.

She believes that the generosity and hospitality of Indians is unsurpassed.