Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan) and Ajay Devgn's Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam emerged as one of the highest-grossing Hindi movies in 1999. While the movie became commercially successful, it remains close to the hearts of Sallu and Aish's fans. Though it was Sanjay Leela Bhansali's second movie, the movie received 17 nominations at the 45th Filmfare Awards and bagged 7 awards.

Apart from the storyline, the songs still remain a craze among youths to date. Moreover, it established the larger-than-life sets of SLV.

The movie was extensively shot throughout the Gujarat-Rajasthan border regions. And other parts were shot in Budapest, Hungary representing Italy.

While all the songs in the movie can be still found in the playlist of music lovers, the craze for 'Tadap Tadap' remains fresh. Fans must be remembering the picturisation of the song as it was the moment when Sameer and Nandini got separated. Singer KK justified the emotional notes and music of the song. And both Salman and Aishwarya's character portrayal made the song worth remembering.

But, did you know, Salman did something unexpected that made the 'Tadap Tadap' song iconic! And what Sallu did, no person could ever even dare to think of it.

Salman Khan did this unexpected thing that made 'Tadap Tadap' song iconic, no one may dare to...Salman Khan did this unexpected thing that made 'Tadap Tadap' song iconic, no one may dare to...

In an interview with Film Companion, Veteran cinematographer Anil Mehta shared an intriguing anecdote from the sets. He revealed how Salman Khan's spontaneity inspired an iconic scene in the film’s song. Recounting the experience of shooting the song in a hot desert, Anil said, “I remember in the desert, Salman just went with the scene. Otherwise, which hero is going to lie down in the hot sand and ask people to put that sand on him. He was doing it himself and that’s also infectious. You are drawing from that energy and then he started doing some random stuff.”

Further, he said that Salman's spontaneity inspired him and set up the mood of the song. 

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"So, I took the camera off the tripod and then I was with Salman at that moment. I soaked in from what he was doing and later the camera also pointed at the sun which was a ‘no, no’ at the time. Today, it is the norm. But, it was the energy of the piece and the performance and then, of course, there was master of drama at work – Sanjay,” he added.

Indeed, Salman lying down on hot sand in the desert during the emotional breakdown in the film connected to the hearts of moviegoers. Such a daring act of lying down on hot sand and asking to put on more sand is definitely not normal. Undoubtedly, many actors go overboard to turn their characters lively, but this scene of Salman will ever remain special for many due to various reasons.