Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan boasts a huge fandom globally. Even though his recent films bombed at the box office, he enjoys superstardom with his loyal fans. Though an A-listed actor in Bollywood, Salman is famous as 'The Godfather' for many as he has introduced several new faces in the industry. 

Moreover, the Dabangg actor is also infamous for his temper issues. He has been multiple times associated with different controversies with his colleagues, be it his ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Rai or friend Shah Rukh Khan or Vivek Oberai. 

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Apart from that, he is also associated with several criminal offenses including the 2002’s hit-and-run case and the blackbuck poaching case.

However, Salman also has a golden heart. He is well known for his philanthropic activities through his Being Human foundation and for helping his friends from industry and others as well. 

But, once his 1991 Kurbaan co-star Ayesha Jhulka recalling the days of shooting once defined that Salman is a good human being. 
Recalling the days of shooting as a debutant, Ayesha stated that she had a wonderful experience working with Salman. 

During an interview with Mid-Day, Ayesha said, “It was just wonderful. I’m very fond of Salman Khan because he is a great human being. I remember back then, whenever we used to finish the shoot, and we were going back home, I would see him packing the food that was balanced.”

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Further, the actress said that he searched for a beggar even if it was late at night. He woke up beggars sleeping on the roadside or somebody in really needy of food.

“He, actually making an effort, stepping out of his car and giving that food. I think he is a lovely human being. No doubt a brilliant actor,” Ayesha added.