Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The ever-charming actress Rashmika Mandanna remains the favourite of the paparazzi. The overloaded cuteness of the actress, her smile, and her cute gestures make everyone fall for her. However, recently she has won the hearts of netizens with her cute gesture for a man who approached the actress for clicking a photo with her.

In the recent past, Rashmika is surrounded by different controversies; be it her growing love for Bollywood or growing hatred for her from the south. However, the actress remains unfazed and is gearing up for her upcoming movie ‘Mission Majnu’ opposite Sidharth Malhotra. 

Rashoo continues to bloom and win the hearts of her fans with her gestures.

Recently, the actress was spotted at the airport and the paparazzi started capturing Rashmika with their lenses. 

Meanwhile, a man was heard saying, “Can I take a photo with you?”

To this Rashmika reacted in the most humble way and bowing her body she said, “Oh definitely sir,” and walked towards the man.

While Rashoo was readying herself to click a photo with the man after removing her mask, the man said, “I don’t have anybody to click.”

Reacting to this, Rashoo said, “I will click a selfie.”

Later, the man handed over his mobile phone to Rashmika and clicked a photo while the man posed next to her. 

The man was quite grateful and thanked the actress while Rashmika also greeted the man and said, “Thank you sir.”

Next, she headed towards the entrance of the airport.

Meanwhile, fans have showered love for such a gesture of the actress for a fan.

“That's the way a fan n celebrity should behave. Mutual respect,” wrote one user. Another wrote, “How sweetly she handled it. And what a gentleman he is..” 

“Bollywood actress should learn something from her, especially kapoors,” wrote another user.