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News Highlights

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas has made multiple allegations on Bollywood in the last few months.
  • There has been no reaction from the A-listed group of B-town which is quite surprising

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is on the covers of most of the leading magazines and newspapers for her recent photoshoot, outbursts on Bollywood, and her latest release Citadel received a lukewarm response.

However, her photoshoot for the TZR cover has been highly impressive. But most importantly, her claims regarding Bollywood in the last few months have been shocking and revealed a dark side of Bollywood that everyone knew always existed but never dared to discuss openly.

From being cornered to the director demanding to see underwear

Earlier PeeCee had revealed that she was cornered by the bigwigs in Bollywood and that forced her to shift her base to Hollywood. The Baywatch actress said that she had beef with people and was tired of the dirty politics in the Bollywood industry.

Now she has once again shocked everyone by saying that in the early phase of her career around 2002, a director made a very dirty and humiliating demand saying that he needs to see her underwear.

Priyanka was supposed to play the role of an undercover agent in the movie. However, after such a demand, PCJ could not look into the eyes of the director and walked out of the movie in two days.


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From talking about pay disparity to Bollywood male superstars reporting very late for the shoot and coming on the set like a diva at their leisure, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has been making several allegations against the work ethics and biased mentality of the A-listed group in B-town.

When asked why she was silent for so many years and speaking about it now, the Quantico actress said that now she has come to terms with that phase and is comfortable and confident about discussing things that humiliated and disturbed her in the past.

Why are big Bollywood stars and so-called harbingers and godfathers of the industry silent?

There were strong rumours during the making of two movies from the Don franchise that Shah Rukh Khan and PeeCee were in a relationship and that it was Gauri Khan who with the help of Karan Johar made sure that the actress do not get work in Bollywood.

Now that Priyanka has said that she was coming out of a tumultuous relationship with a Bollywood superstar before meeting Nick Jonas, everyone is sure that she is mentioning her relationship with SRK.


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But all through this entire incident, neither Karan Johar nor Shah Rukh Khan has said a word. What’s more apart from Kangana Ranaut none of the Bollywood stars have come out to either deny or accept the truth about the shocking revelations made by Priyanka.

It is quite surprising that Bollywood’s core group that rallied behind their favourite stars when they were allegedly found involved in the drug cases has gone completely silent.

Besides, their entire PR machinery had started working overtime to support these big names who were supposedly involved in drug cases that hounded big celebrities post the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

Is the 'chuppi' nothing more than admitting to the allegations of PC?

Coming from an established Bollywood superstar like Priyanka Chopra Jonas who has now made a name for herself even in Hollywood, these so-called Godfathers from the industry do not have the courage to deny her allegations.

Now the international actress is in a position where she can retaliate and reply to those who dare to cross-question her statements.

Bollywood has no other option but to silently let this phase pass and the silence is an indication that the allegations made by the desi girl are true.