Rashmi Rekha Das

Aamir Khan , Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood, is in Steel City Rourkela! And, he was seen donning the attire of a kooky looking alien from his blockbuster movie PK with chewing paan, wearing a hamlet, carrying a vintage radio and never blinking. Don’t be surprised. Not Aamir Khan, but one of his diehard fans identified as Uttam Tandi was found emulating Aamir’s PK look in Rourkela on Tuesday.

Uttam, a renowned theatre actor of Bargarh who currently continues his higher studies in Rourkela, imitated Aamir Khan’s popular alien look to create awareness about tree plantation. He not only followed the costume of Aamir but also delivered some of Aamir’s famous and hilarious dialogues in Bhojpuri accentuation to entertain people around him.  It won’t be wrong to say that like PK, Uttam is a guy who is all heart and his clothes reflect that.

When asked the reason behind emulating Aamir’s look and choosing PK though the actor has many hit movies like Lagaan and 3 Idiots among others, Uttam said, “PK is my all-time favourite movie.  It is a path-breaking, thought-provoking film that ends with a social message. That’s why I decided to convey my message through emulating PK’s look. As PK’s look is funny, I would be successful to reach out to as many as people and spread my message.”

When did he start imitating PK’s look… To this question, Uttam responded, “I used to play different mythological characters like Ram, Krishna as part of Ram Nabami procession organised by Kalinga Akhada at Sonari in Jamshedpur. This year, the organisers wanted me to come up with a unique character. As Aamir Khan was my favourite actor, I thought of emulating his PK’s look without giving a second thought.”