Cassian Baliarsingh

Actors Ranvir Shorey and Richa Chadha are the latest victims of delayed IndiGo flights. The actors took to social media to blast the Airlines for their experience which they described as ‘traumatic’.

Actor Ranvir Shorey shared a long post accusing the airline staff of lack of transparency and misleading information. In his social media post, he shared that his flight was 3 hours late even though he had checked in 2 hours before the scheduled time, making him wait for almost 5 hours.

He shared, “A rough account of what @IndiGo6E put us through yesterday: Our flight was scheduled for 2 PM. All 8 of us checked in 2 hours prior as stipulated, and only then were we informed that the flight was 3 hours late due to bad weather (fog).”

He continued, “The flight was now scheduled for 5 PM. At 3 PM, after being checked in at the airport for more than 3 hours, we were told that the flight would depart another 3 hours later at 8 PM! At about 7 PM, the flight time was changed to 9 PM. I began to panic as this would leave me in a spot as a parent, but still did not complain and somehow managed the situation. At 8 PM we were told that now the flight will take off after 10 PM! This is when I lost my cool, as this would mean that I would not be able to get back home in time to my child!”

Similarly, Richa Chadha tweeted, “On my 3rd flight in 3 days… day 1, @IndiGo6E delayed by over 4 hours. Day 2, @IndiGo6E delayed by 4 hours. But the only direct flights on some routes are often Indigo.”

“Lesson: Monopoly - whether airlines, airport ownership, or leadership - creates lack of accountability. Common citizens suffer, with no recourse. Till we don’t recognise it, we will be at a disadvantage while paying through our noses. And if we don’t wake up, we deserve it 💋haina? 🤷🏻♀️” she added.