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Vikash Sharma

News Highlights

  • More drama expected as Anupamaa-Kavya to stay under one roof.

  • Bapuji accords special rights to Anupama in Shah family even after divorce.

  • Will Kavya come up with some evil plans?

The plot of Star Plus’ popular show Anupamaa is getting murkier and interesting with each passing episode. Fans were greeted with a surprise after Anupamaa, the protagonist of the serial played by Rupali Ganguly, was given authority by Bapuji to stay in the Shah family’s house.

However, this decision of Bapuji did not go well especially with Kavya and Vanraj-the newly-wed couple. Kavya was earlier expecting to dominate Shah family members after she got married to Vanraj, the ex-husband of Anupama.

Kavya was hoping a smooth entry to Shah family following her marriage to Vanraj, her ex-boyfriend. However, Bapuji’s decision to divide the house among his son Vanraj, daughter Dolly and ex-daughter-in-law Anupama came as a shocker for Kavya.

Kavya, on the other hand, has vowed to make the lives of each member of the Shah family miserable following the recent development. In the last episode, the Shah family was elated after Anupama agreed to stay in the house by accepting the request of Bapuji.



The family welcomed Anupama and performed aarti for her. As Babuji called her "Lakshmi, Saraswati and Anapoorna", it left Kavya red-faced as she was hoping a grand welcome as a daughter-in-law.

Though the life of Anupama has taken a new turn after divorce with Vanraj, it has not deterred her willpower to fight with the circumstances. The situations have now forced Anupama to fight all battles with strong determination and support of her family.



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