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  • The tasks and situations in Bigg Boss make many contestants vulnerable.
  • A few cannot control their emotions and even start crying every time they face an uncomfortable situation.

Bigg Boss reveals the true side of every contestant. The tasks and the entire atmosphere inside the house are such that it forces the contestants to show their true colours despite the fact that they are just playing a game.

While some fight, abuse, and even hurt others physically as well as mentally, over the years there have been many contestants who just cried most of the time they were faced with any uncomfortable or disgusting situation.

Meet such few crybabies on Bigg Boss some of whom even managed to emerge a winner.

Rupali Ganguly


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The popular telly actress who has been ruling Indian television with some splendid work in serials like Mr. and Mrs. Sarabhai, Parvarirsh, and Anupamaa was one of the contestants on Bigg Boss Season 1 and literally cried at a drop of a hat on practically everything that was not to her liking.

Shweta Tiwari

Shweta Tiwari had some major tiffs with Dolly Bindra during Bigg Boss 4. Whenever they fought the “Mere Dad Ki Dulhan” actress would end up crying. However, she was also very soft-hearted and good-natured due to which eventually she was declared the winner of that season.

Jasmin Bhasin

She came across as a genuine person but it seemed that her emotions were always out of control. She became more balanced after Aly Goni who now is her boyfriend came inside the house. Even Salman Khan joked about Jasmine’s nature to cry for even small, petty things.

Dipika Kakkar Ibrahim

The Sasural Simar Ka actress was the winner of Bigg Boss 12. She came across as a determined and courageous decision-maker but had a tendency to start crying whenever she was in an emotionally draining situation.

Arti Singh

She had a panic attack when she was inside Bigg Boss 13 house. She was very warm and made friends with almost everyone but would lose her emotional balance whenever she got upset or disappointed with the behaviour of her housemates.