Cassian Baliarsingh

A Pakistani groom has set the internet on fire with his irresistible dance performance along with his mother on superstar Salman Khan’s iconic song ‘Chunnari Chunnari’. The groom’s mother has been stealing all the spotlight with her spirited performance and the internet cannot get enough of the dance.

Their exuberant performance, synchronised dance moves have been captivating the viewers with praises coming from all quarters. Shared on photo-sharing app Instagram, the video showcases the groom and his mother radiating energy of joy as they perform before all the guests.

The mother-son duo leaves the guests amazed by their seamless coordination, energy and perfect dance timing. Since being shared online, the video rapidly gained viral status, garnering an outpouring of emotional responses from viewers.

Hundreds of Instagram users flooded the comment section with heart and fire emojis. Accolades are pouring in for the mother and son duo, with many lauding the performance as ‘superb’ and ‘awesome’.

“What a beautiful moment for both the mother and son,” commented a user.

Another user wrote, “This is so cute. I cannot wait to recreate it with my family.”

“What an amazing performance,” commented a third user.