Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • BTS' Jimin is feeling pain as the group cannot perform in front of the audience.
  • Jungkook once revealed that he had dropped the idea of joining BTS.
  • K-pop group members convinced him with ice cream.

For pop singers and performers live concerts are the triggers that bring out the best in them. The thrill, nervousness, and excitement that such live concerts offer cannot be compared to the streaming experiences on YouTube or online channels. And that is what BTS’ Jimin seems to miss.

The famous South Korean pop group has been in South Korea for more than a year now after the Corona pandemic hit the world. The septet had planned to tour the world in April last year however now their planning has been delayed indefinitely. While BTS did host a few online concerts during this period including Muster Sowoozoo 2021 and Bang Bang Con: The Live (2020), it was not the same as performing live in front of the audience.

Speaking about the same Jimin earlier stated that even though he felt nervous when the curtain was about to rise during the streaming, once the group was on stage, there was no audience but only video cameras. According to Jimin although he is grateful that the group got to perform even during the pandemic, it was still painful for him.

Almost all the fans of BTS know that Jungkook is a big foodie and importantly loves sweets and ice creams very much. And that is how the other members from the K-pop group convinced this popular singer to join the group. In one of his blogposts, Jungkook shared that at one point in time he was more interested in becoming a dancer than a singer and had gone to America for the same. At that time he had just dropped the idea of debuting with BTS and wanted to focus on dance.

That is when the other members from BTS bought him ice cream and convinced Jungkook. Both BTS and ARMY are missing live performances in the stadium. Nevertheless, that has not stopped the K-pop group from churning out chartbusters and gaining popularity globally.

Recently released single Butter from BTS has become immensely popular especially after they came out with its Megan Thee Stallion remix version.