Poonam Singh

Shah Rukh Khan has declared his love for Korean boy band BTS in a recent video while promoting Dunki's Netflix release.

In the video shared by Netflix India and Red Chillies Entertainment on social media, SRK is seen promoting Dunki on Netflix by playing out a scene from a visa office.

Seated in front of the visa approving officer, as seen in the movie, SRK presented the numerous reasons why his visa should be approved while also mentioning BTS.

“I need a new visa,” Shah Rukh says. To which the officer asks “What proof can you give of your return? Are there any assets or property in Mumbai? A home?”
Breaking into his iconic laugh, Shah Rukh said, “My home isn’t sea-facing. The sea is Mannat facing.” When asked which country’s visa he was applying for, Shah Rukh said, “For 190 countries. From Australia to Zimbabwe, a single visa.”

When the visa officer said it was impossible, Shah Rukh argued that he has influenced every corner of the world so how could they deny him visa. And, goes on to describe his influence.

He says in Hindi, which loosely translates: I've influenced every corner of the world. Every third guy in London is called Raj because of me. It's the new 'British Raj'. When the UK was walking out of Europe, Europe looked at him and said, 'palat... palat.' 

He then mentioned South Korea. “Who taught the South Koreans to fall in love? I did,” he said, before adding, “Love you BTS.” He also struck the finger heart emoji and smiled for the camera. This appreciation from King Khan was enough to send the Desi Army into a meltdown.

Indian BTS fans couldn’t contain their excitement on social media platforms as they shared their reactions to Shah Rukh Khan's playful nod to the K-pop sensations.