Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • In Anupamaa Vanraj will accept the job offer and inform Baa and Babuji.
  • The new housemaid Geeta will keep a close eye on Anu and will also gossip about Anupamaa and Kavya with her friends on the Phone.
  • Vanraj is feeling inspired by Anu and when he eats dinner prepared by his ex-wife, Kavya gets furious and insecure.

Vanraj has finally said yes to a job and he is happy to get it. Although it is not something that he is used to doing, at least he is back to earning something on his own. And the person behind this is none other than his ex-wife Anupamaa. When Vanraj comes home and tells Baa and Babuji about his new job offer, Anu is standing close by.
Vanraj promises his parents that he will work harder and remembers the encouragement and inspiration that he received from his ex-wife.

Anu gets elated with this news and all the family members exchange smiles with each other. Happy with this development, Anu celebrates it individually by lighting a candle inside the temple. Earlier it was only Kavya who was against Anupamaa in the Shah house. But now with the coming of Geeta, the new maid, Anu has yet another adversary in the house. Moreover, Geeta is one person who is keeping a close eye on Anu.

When Geeta comes to know that both Kavya and Anupamaa are living under the same roof, she starts gossiping about the same to her friends telling over the phone that Vanraj’s current wife and ex-wife are both staying together. Anu is standing close by and overhears this conversation but chooses to remain mum. Instead, Geeta asks her if she is finding her stay comfortable here living with the current wife of Vanraj but even then Anupamaa does not say anything.

At the dinner table, Vanraj does not like the salad made by Geeta and gets up from the table. However, Baa stops him saying that since she is alive yet he will never have to walk away without food. When later on Kavya comes to know that Vanraj has eaten dinner prepared by Anu, she gets furious and slams her for trying to woo the husband of others.

At that moment Anu loses her patience and hits back saying that everyone is not like her.  The changed personality of Anupamaa has impressed Vanraj not once but many times and right now she is his inspiration. And hence Kavya is getting insecure because there are strong chances that after knowing the true nature of Kavya Vanraj will most probably return to Anu.