Vikash Sharma

Will Vanraj Shah keep his promise made to Pakhi to maintain peace and control his anger or he will pick up a quarrel with Anupama? Well, fans are looking forward for the upcoming episode of the popular TV show Anupamma on Star Plus for the development.

The happenings are being keenly followed by fans of Anupama, played by Rupali Ganguly. In the last episode, Anuj Kapadia came to the rescue of Anu’s son Samar in finding Nandini. She was scared and leaving the country to save Samar's life from Rohan, her ex-boyfriend.

Nandini, who claimed to have been kidnapped by Rohan, somehow managed to escape and was found in an unconscious state on road by Samar.

Along with Anuj, Samar brought Nandini back home. However, Vanraj got angry after Anuj answered his call on Samar’s mobile phone.

The fans are looking forward to the turn the show takes from here as Pakhi was somehow successful in bringing a change in her father Vanraj.

However, the closeness of Samar and Anuj might trigger frustration in Vanraj. It will also be interesting to watch how Samar and Nandini handle all the trouble being created by Rohan. Will Samar and Rohan pick up a fight over the issue or it will be Vanraj or Anuj who will come to their rescue?