Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Aadhya gets upset after Anuj left her birthday party to help Anu.
  • He even slams Aadhya for insulting Anupamaa.

Anupamaa is once again in problem and Anuj Kapadia as usual rushes to her rescue. As expected, Aadhya got upset after Anuj left her birthday party so that he could help Anupamaa who he believes needs him the most at that juncture. This affects Aadhya very badly and she cannot control her anger and reaches Anu's restaurant with Shruti.

Aadhya not only reaches the spot but also creates a ruckus at the restaurant and even insults Anu, who is her adopted mother, very badly. She curses Anupamaa and criticises her for spoiling her birthday party. Aadhya does not stop here. She even says that Anu deserves whatever bad has happened to her which does not go well with Anuj, who until then is listening to all this outburst from his daughter silently.

Anuj gets angry and asks Aadhya to leave the place immediately. When Aadhya asks him to accompany her he simply refuses to go with her and says that he will stay with Anupamaa. But even Aadhya is as stubborn as Anuj and refuses to leave the place without her father. Anu who has been watching all this drama silently between the father and daughter feels that this is all happening because of her and apologises to Aadhya and requests Anuj to go with his daughter.

But Anuj is extremely angry and continues to slam Aadhya for humiliating Anu and in anger says that he regrets the day he thought of adopting her. It leaves Aadhya shocked. This statement from Anuj leaves a major impact on Aadhya who suddenly starts feeling mentally disturbed. While Anuj is sure to regret what he said to his daughter sooner or later as of now he is unaware that his words are hurting Aadhya who will now think of leaving Anuj and returning to the orphanage.

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