Poonam Singh

Popular show ‘Anupamaa’ has been garnering attention due to its captivating storyline and impressive TRP ratings. Recent episodes have witnessed Anupama’s victory at the Superstar Chef competition following which she goes on to do a partnership with Yashdeep to own ‘Spice n Chutney’ restaurant.

But it seems her dream of running her restaurant will be shattered as the upcoming promo of the show hinted that Anu will be blamed and made responsible for a mistake which will lead to the closure of her restaurant along with losing her Superstar Chef title.

Yashdeep is also seen blaming Anu for her negligence which led to the closure of the restaurant without giving her a chance to defend herself. Meanwhile, the Shah family will be seeing Anu’s downfall on TV with Vanraj slamming Anu saying, 'I had told Anu can’t handle her success'.

On the other hand, Anuj will be shocked to see Anu getting manhandled by people. While it is not known what is the mistake of Anu that brought her dreams down, the promo has left the show’s fans intrigued.

Many fans believe that it might be a dream sequence while some think that this plot will be able to bring Anu and Anuj closer and he will be the one who will be proving his unconditional support to her without questioning her. 

Others believe that it is the handiwork of Toshu who will be taking revenge on Anu for not giving him her prize money.  So, it will be interesting to watch how the show unfolds and what is in store for Anupama in the upcoming episodes.