Poonam Singh

‘Anupamaa,’ the popular television show starring Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, continues to captivate viewers with its engaging storyline and plot. The makers are ensuring that the upcoming episodes are packed with high-voltage drama. Currently, the focus is on Anupama’s journey in America after she won the Super Chef competition. 

It seems Anupama is once again following her old self (pity lady) as she tries to balance family and work, which she did in India while living with the Shah Family while trying to flourish in her Dance school and alter again while married to Anuj but managing Shah Family.

Here also Anu is seen taking care of Aadhya after she experiences her first periods. She seems to keep her before her work in the ‘Spice n Chutney.’

 Anupama has been waiting for Anuj to return from the Hospital so she can go to her restaurant, but she gets delayed for the restaurant's reopening.  While she waits to go to the restaurant, she receives a message from Yashdeep, who informs her that the restaurant is packed and urges her to come quickly. Vikram also pressures Yashdeep to call Anupama, who is unable to manage the crowd alone.

After Anuj comes back, Anu rushes to the restaurant. However, after reaching the restaurant she receives a call from hyper Anuj seeking her help to take care of Aadhya. She then asks to give the ‘Kadha’ and hot-water bag to Aadhya that she had already made. 

When Vikram questions why she was late today, Anu apologises and says that Choti was ill so she couldn’t leave her.

While Anu always keeps her children before her, but they seem to never understand her. While Anu is trying to do everything for Aadhya even at the cost of her career, Aadhya is yet to accept her. 

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode of Anupama is likely to watch Anu being falsely accused due to which she will lose her Super Chef trophy leading to closure of her restaurant and also the cafe. Yashdeep, who has been supporting Anu, lashes out at her for her major downfall. 

So, it will be interesting to see if Anu can balance her family and work and not go downhill like she always does for her family.