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Anupamaa, starring Rupali Ganguly, continues to generate excitement among viewers. The current storyline features Dimpy and Titu’s wedding, with Vanraj trying to disrupt the event while Anupama aims to save it. 

Meanwhile, Shruti has returned to the US, urging Anuj and Anupama to remarry. Amid these developments, Gaurav Khanna, who plays Anuj Kapadia, has shared a shocking photo of himself on social media.

Anuj's recent declaration of love for Anu had fans anticipating a heartfelt reunion. However, the latest twist suggests otherwise. 

A viral image of Gaurav Khanna, showcasing a dramatic transformation, has left fans puzzled and concerned. The actor appears unrecognizable with grown hair and a beard, sparking speculation about the show's direction. The intense new look hints at a significant leap in the storyline, potentially altering Anu and Anuj's lives once again.

This unexpected transformation has shocked netizens, leading to speculation that Anuj's character might become a beggar in upcoming episodes. However, there has been no official confirmation from the makers.

Fans are anxious about this new development, with one user commenting, "My brain is not brain-ing after this. If this is related to #Anupamaa show, then I feel something very scary is coming up for both Anuj & Anu. Ek din sukoon ko saans nahi le sakte while being this show's fan." 

Another wrote, “They know to create a buzz and who can create buzz, but there must be something na. I don't think they will go for another leap this soon, or the best speculation I can get is may he is enacting an act to make aadhya understand so that she will accept anupama.”

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