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In the latest episode of Karan Johar's talk show, 'Koffee With Karan 8', Bollywood next-gen stars Sara Ali Khan and Ananya Panday delved into candid conversations and revelations, shedding light on their personal lives, past relationships, and a surprising rivalry.

During the chat, Ananya candidly revealed Sara had threatened her from getting close to a person she allegedly has an interest in.

Rivalry and Playful Threats

During the lively chat, Ananya Panday disclosed a playful yet intriguing rivalry between her and Sara Ali Khan. Ananya revealed that at some point, Sara had issued light-hearted threats, cautioning her to steer clear of a certain individual with whom both actresses allegedly had a romantic interest. 

Ananya added that this scenario occurred on several occasions. Sara, initially failing to recollect the details, inquired about the person in question. She also asked whether the threat had been effective. Ananya responded, "It has worked. I listened to this threat." Sara laughed about the incident, clarifying, "I had zero interest, but she threatened me."

Navigating Past Relationships

Karan Johar did not shy away from addressing the actresses' past relationships, specifically focusing on their connection with actor Kartik Aaryan. Sara admitted that while maintaining a friendly dynamic after dating the same person could be challenging, she emphasized the need to rise above such circumstances. 

She stated, "It isn't always easy. When you are involved with anybody, whether it's friends, professionally, or romantically, especially if I am, I get involved and invested. It does affect you. But ultimately you have to rise beyond that."

No Permanent Predicaments

Sara also imparted a valuable lesson from her personal experiences in the entertainment industry. She emphasized the transitory nature of relationships in show business, highlighting that there are no permanent best friendships or unwavering promises. 

Sara commented, "All these never and always don't happen." She also refuted rumours of dating cricketer Shubman Gill, further adding to the intriguing revelations made during their appearance on the iconic talk show.