Cassian Baliarsingh

She had to escape a forced marriage and remain underground. She had to struggle for 7 years with no proper food and shelter. Despite all the obstacles, she overcame all hurdles to become a PCS officer.

We are talking about Sanju Rani Verma, the proud Indian woman who escaped forced marriage and returned home as a PCS officer.

In 2013, after her mother’s death, she faced intense family pressure to get married against her wish. However, she had big dreams and the courage to fulfill them, despite no resources. Her sheer determination and will power to achieve something in life made her leave home.

With no support from anyone, she rented an apartment in Delhi and started giving tuitions to children. She also took up part-time jobs at private schools. All throughout her struggle, her main focus was to clear the civil services exam.

No hunger, lack of money and resources could stop her from striving hard to fulfill her dream. Despite all the financial difficulties, she diligently continued her civil services journey.

Unfortunately, her pain in life did not end there.
She was affected by chicken pox when the exam was a few months away. However, Sanju was confident of clearing the exam. Her determination paid off and she cracked the challenging UPPCS exam. 

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Today, she is a civil servant, showcasing the power of determination and self belief.

Interestingly, she is not angry with her family for not supporting her during the days of her struggle. Instead, she has let bygones be bygones and supports them as much as she can. Her life journey is not just an inspiration for young aspirants like her, but also demonstrates the value of self belief and hard work.