Ramakanta Biswas

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  • Odisha higher education dept mulling over a overhaul in Plus 2 exam pattern

Plus 2 students in Odisha may see major reforms from the next academic year as the higher education department is reportedly mulling over a overhaul in the Plus 2 examination pattern.

According to sources, the government is planning to conduct board examinations both in first year and second year and introduce internal tests for the students. The Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) will monitor the examinations and tests to ensure transparency.

The college authorities will have to upload the marks of students on the website of the CHSE. A database on the performance of students will also be maintained. 

The School and Mass Education Department has initiated the process for the reforms. The CHSE will soon prepare a blueprint and issue formal notification in this regard. The Directorate of Higher Secondary Education is also working in this regard. 

According to sources, these initiatives will help the Council to assess students and publish their results even if their examinations could not be conducted in future due to any pandemic like situation. 

“The government has decided to introduce assessment system twice a year. If any pandemic-like situation arises in future, we will not face any problem in evaluating the performance of students and publishing their results,” said Bikash Mohapatra, Director of Directorate of Higher Secondary Education, Odisha. 

This year the Plus examinations were cancelled due to Covid-19. Owing to lack of any internal tests and annual examinations, the CHSE was left with no data regarding the performance of the students. Eventually, the Plus 2 students were awarded marks on the basis of Class 10 results that led to State-wide outrage.

Golak Nayak, convenor of School-College Teachers’ Joint Forum, said, “Whatever we taught to Plus 2 students throughout the year went in vain. They were awarded marks on the basis of Class 10 results. In order to ensure that such problem do not reoccur, examinations should be conducted in first year and second year and the final results should be drawn from both marks.”   

Students also extended support to the reforms and hoped that it would ensure their actual assessment. 
“Like the reforms in the Matric examinations, internal tests and annual examinations should also be introduce for us so that we can get the results we deserve,” said a student.

“Many Plus 2 students had worked hard, but did not get the desired results. Therefore, marks should be awarded to us on the basis of our internal assessments so that we will not have any doubt in our minds that we did not get the desired results,” opined another student.