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Vikash Sharma

As the Smart City struggled to return to normalcy owing to the series of shutdowns, a sensational alleged con act by a smartly dressed woman at a mobile phone store in the Bapuji Nagar area on Tuesday seemed to break the monotony.

As per reports, the woman, in tees and skirts, allegedly decamped with an iPhone worth Rs 1.4 lakh right under the watchful eyes of the mobile store staff.

Police said that the woman had visited the mobile store located in a busy street of Bapuji Nagar area on Monday. She allegedly asked the staff present at the store to show her some high-end smart phones.

“The woman identified herself as Pooja and asked us to show iPhone 12 Promax (blue shades). She waited for nearly 30 to 45 minutes in our store as we did not have the stock for immediate delivery,” said Nishikant Shukla, an employee at the store adding that the phone was sourced from another distributor.

According to Shukla, after getting the phone, the woman (around 21 years old) said her ATM card was not functioning.

She then asked our staff to accompany her to her house to collect the money, he added. “One of our staff accompanied the woman in her car. He took a portable swipe machine in case she would make payment using the ATM card of some family member. She then drove the vehicle to a petrol pump,” Shukla said.

Once at the petrol pump, she allegedly asked the accompanying mobile store staff to get some petrol in a bottle, Shukla said adding, “as our staff proceeded to get the fuel, she drove off.”

Later, the mobile store staff spotted the car near an apartment in the locality and alerted the police. Based on the complaint, police have detained the girl and further investigation in this connection is underway.

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