Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

The notorious ‘Bawaria gang’ (a nomadic clan from Uttar Pradesh) terrorised Bhubaneswar residents with their criminal activities. The police have traced the involvement of the gang members in different criminal activities including robbery, brigandage, loot bids, and rape incidents.

After the police arrested four members of the gang on Monday, it has been found out that this notorious gang openly targeted women. A CCTV video footage has surfaced that shows the members snatching a gold chain from a woman in Bhubaneswar during morning walk. 
As per reports, the chain-snatching incident took place near the Rameshwar Bagh area under Badagada Police Limits. 

“There were two persons and they were interacting with each other. At first, they looked at us and followed us into our colony during morning walk. They waited for a while on the way. As soon as we crossed both of them, they suddenly attacked from behind,” said Subhasmita Priyadarshini, a victim.

“Earlier, such incidents also took place before we constructed the security post. Wheels and batteries from cars went missing. Even a chain-snatching incident took place right in front of our house,” said Bansidhar Behera, Subhasmita’s father-in-law.

Over 28 loot cases have been filed against this notorious gang across Odisha including the capital city. Police have recovered around 16 gold chains from the gang members.