Suryakant Jena

The Commissionerate Police on Tuesday put all the three accused arrested in connection with the alleged murder case of Manish Anurag Das to lie detection test.

As per sources, the trio underwent the polygraph test at the State Forensic Research Laboratory in Bhubaneswar till the latest reports were filed in.

The police conducted the polygraph test on the accused after due approval from the Orissa High court and also consent from the trio to squeeze out more details on various angles of the sensational murder case of Manish Anurag who was the son of Navin Das , a noted journalist based in the State Capital city.

As Manish and the three accused were last spotted at the South City Hotel where a brawl reportedly took place between them before the murder is suspected to have happened, it is expected that the accused were put to various questions like the circumstances which led to the fight between them, why the quarrel occurred over bill payment, the exact happenings inside and outside of the hotel.

It is also believed that police may have also quizzed the accused on why they left Manish out of the hotel before moving out, what transpired outside the hotel over the bill payment, how did Manish die and why they dumped his body in the pond.

It may be noted that the police have so far been unable to parrot out any significant leads from the accused in connection with the case and so it resorted to conduct a lie detection test apprehending that the accused might be hiding some crucial information.