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Ramakanta Biswas

The Mancheswar police in Bhubaneswar on Wednesday detained a man for allegedly marrying two women without divorcing any one of them while having affairs with multiple women.  

Alok Jena, who hails from Khordha district, has been detained following the complaints of his first and second wives. It has been alleged that Alok was living with another woman despite marrying twice.

According to the complaints lodged by the two women, Alok married one of them in 2006 and another in 2017 without their knowledge. However, he did not stop there. He then developed relationship with other women. 

When the two women learnt about the multiple affairs of the accused, they lodged complaints at Mancheswar police station today. Acting on the complaint, the police detained Alok. 

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In the police station, the two angry women were seen dragging the accused by his collar and trying to punch him on the face. 

“After a frantic search, I found him living with a woman at Salia Sahi. The following day I lodged a complaint. Now I learnt that he is living with another woman for the past one and a half months. He develops relationship with multiple women for money,” said one of the complainants. 

“He had been living with me for five years. But he dumped me one and a half month back and is now living with another woman,” alleged the other complainant.

Briefing about the case, ACP (zone 5) Sanjeev Satpathy said, “Two women today lodged complaint against one Alok Jena. One woman claimed that the accused married her 14 years back and subsequently married another woman without her knowledge and living at Salia Sahi.”

“The second woman also alleged that the accused married her five years back without disclosing about his first marriage. We have registered two cases and detained the accused. Further investigation is underway,” Satpathy said.  

The police official further said during preliminary inquiry it has been learnt that the accused was also in relation with some other women. 

“We are inquiring into the allegations and further action will be taken if more complaints are lodged,” the officer said.

While the motive of the accused behind the multiple marriages is yet to be ascertained, it is alleged that he would cheat the women for money. Starting off as an auto-rickshaw driver, Alok is now the owner of a transport service, sources said. 

“The probe has just begun and we are not investigating about his financials now,” Satpathy said.   

Meanwhile, pleading innocence, Alok said, “It is a conspiracy against me. I have only one wife. I dare them to show proof that I have another wife or more women in my life.”

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