Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Lady blackmailer and honey trap Queen Archana Nag has been hitting the headlines for quite a few days now. Apart from the sensational revelations of her modus operandi, now, startling reports have surfaced about her educational journey and more. 

Archana’s Educational Journey

Archana, born in Lanjigad’s Kenduguda, took admission to class one on Nov 9, 2001. She continued her studies at the school till 2008. However, in 2008, she brought serious allegations of being raped by two youths. Then, police filed a case with case no- 88/2008, and both the youths were sent to jail. Later, the accused were released from jail. Following that Archana left her village and started residing with her uncle in Kesinga where she took admission in a private school (class eight). 

However, she didn’t obtain her Transfer Certificate (TC) from her previous school. Hence, questions are being raised about how she got admission in another school and continued till class 10. 

Later, after completing high school in Kesinga, she took admission to Baikunthanath higher secondary college in Jaleswar. From 2014 to 2016, she continued at the college studying Plus II Science. 

Meanwhile, Lanjigad BEO Sanjeev Nayak has affirmed that such an act of taking admission to another school without obtaining the TC is illegal. 

“If someone is taking admission to another school without obtaining the transfer certificate from the previous school, it is illegal. Those involved in the admission process are also a part of the illegal act as how they gave her admission without TC,” said Nayak.

The Infamous Tale Continues

The infamous tale of the lady blackmailer continues with the illegal property of her father in Kesinga. Archana’s parents reside in the building located in the foothills of Budhadangara. However, a complaint is filed that the building was erected on the land owned by a tailor Hrushikesh Mahala. Archana’s father Surendra Nag forcefully removed Hrushikesh in 2019 and erected the building. 

Archana Nag's father's residential building in KesingaArchana Nag's father's residential building in Kesinga

Apart from being constructed on government land, no official documents proving the authority of Nag and his possession of land is available. However, as no one is currently residing in the building, response from Nag family couldn’t be obtained. 

“I was running my shop for over 12 years. Archana’s father always created trouble for me and several times threatened me with dire consequences. A case has been registered regarding the same,” alleged Hrushikesh Mahala.

“If the work is survey-settled and it is found leasable, they can claim their possession on the land. But, for now, they can’t do so,” said Sarat Chandra Sahoo, Additional Revenue Inspector, Kesinga.

Reported by Rajkumar Singhdeo (Bhawanipatna) and Atulya Bout (Bhubaneswar)