Pradeep Pattanayak

In a dramatic turn of events, police swooped down on a marriage pandal and took the groom straight to the police station in Bhubaneswar on Friday. 
As per reports, a wedding ceremony was underway at Radhakrushna temple located on the back side of Raj Bhawan. Things were progressing as per plan. What happened next was completely out of their plan.

A woman appeared on the scene and started creating a ruckus. A resident of Kolkata, she claimed she was the first wife of the groom who was sitting on the pandal. She also showed proof to substantiate her claims. 

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The wedding came to a halt. Next, cops including some female ones from Mahila police station arrived at the spot and took the groom and the bride along with them. 

“We married in 2009. We lived together for four years. To elicit sympathy, he would tell a fabricated story. He would say he has lost his parents. Later, he went to Odisha. Whenever I would ask him to take me there, he would keep avoiding me, saying he would send money to me,” said the complainant. 

“Such cases are becoming common. Why women with their babies are being ditched like this? I hope I will get justice,” she added.

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