Vikash Sharma

A major racket seems to be involved in the smuggling of ganja (dry cannabis) from Odisha. Such questions have now emerged following the seizure of huge quantity of ganja and a few bombs from an SUV near Thelkoloi on Sambalpur-Jharsuguda road.

As per reports, the ganja-laden SUV was detected by a police team during patrolling. Sources said that as the vehicle had a flat-tyre, the occupants of the car were replacing it when the police team reached the spot.

On seeing the cops, the miscreants fled into the nearby jungle. During search, the team detected huge quantity of ganga stock inside the vehicle.

Later, some bombs were also recovered from the SUV. Soon a team of bomb disposal squad was called and they defused the explosives with utmost caution.

Senior officials said that two vehicle registration plates and a sticker of an Uttar Pradesh MLA have also been recovered from the SUV. It is suspected that all the registration plates and sticker are fake and allegedly used by miscreants to dodge police & smuggle ganja.

A detailed investigation is currently underway to unravel the mystery behind the seizure of bombs and registration plates.

(Reported by Sanjay Jena)