Pradeep Pattanayak

The owner of Pabitra Entertainment, a well-known entertainment house in Odisha, has been arrested on charges of copyright violation. 

The accused has been identified as Pabitra Nayak, who was allegedly using different songs of others on the basis of forged documents and data. 

Reportedly, he had been doing so since 2012. However, his luck ran out when music director Ranjan Gaan filed a complaint in the SDJM court on February 28, 2022. Later the court directed Badagada Police Station to probe the matter. 
During the investigation, police found evidence against Pabitra Nayak and subsequently arrested him. 

“I had filed a case in the SDJM court in February 2022. The case was relating to a copyright infringement and forgery. Pabitra Nayak, who owned a firm in the name of Pabitra Entertainment, had collected a document from me in 2012. But he didn’t use the document as he had said to me. He used it otherwise,” said Ranjan Gaan. 

“What he did is he had scanned my original document and drew out a forged one. Then he had prepared licences of my 32 songs. Thereafter he gave the authorisation of my songs to several global companies and thus was making money till his arrest,” said Gaan. 

Informing about the case, ACP of Zone 6, Subhanarayan Muduli said, “During document verification, we found that Pabitra Nayak didn’t have any digital rights. But he had uploaded the songs on various social media platforms and sold it to various music houses. Besides, he had also given hello tunes of Airtel and BSNL. He has been arrested today.”

Going to defend himself, Pabitra Nayak said, “Pabitra Entertainment has never used songs by forging documents. After being turned down by two to three entertainment houses, Ranjan had come to me. Then his songs were released by Pabitra Entertainment. Then he was not aware that his songs would become hits. After promotion by Pabitra Entertainment, his songs became hits. Then in 2020, he suddenly demanded money from me, daring to lodge a case against me. The court will decide who is guilty.”

(Reported by Alok Mohanty, OTV)