Poonam Singh

 A 39-year-old man from Chennai was cheated to the tune of ₹21 lakh by a fraud who posed as a bride and cheated him.

According to reports, the father of the 39-year-old man had registered his son's name in a matrimonial site as he was becoming over-aged.

However, the accused contacted him through the site posing as a potential bride and shared 'her' phone number with the victim.

Days after acquainting with the 39-year-old man, Dhatathri Sreenivas posing as a woman told him that 'her' mother was in the hospital and that 'she' required urgent financial help.

The 39-year-old man immediately transferred money to the account that he had shared. In a period of five months, the youth lost Rs 21 lakh from his account.

Even after paying this much money, the potential 'bride' was asking for more money. The man, thereafter, approached the police and registered complained.

On investigation, the police found that the person conning the 39-year-old was Datathri Sreenivas posing as a woman. He was arrested on Tuesday evening and produced before a court and remanded in judicial custody.

(With IANS inputs)